Friday, April 22, 2011


The Town Council, voted to accept the grant and water line improvements at our monthly meeting in April. See below on what will be included. Representatives from the Wiley/Wilson Co. where on hand to present to the town the improvements and also to give us a time frame for the completion. For the concern citizens that have contacted me already on the cost,they can rest a sure that the town will never get a chance like this again. We will be getting over $800,000.00 in grant monies but will have to provide a match (it's called 60/40) of just over $500,000.00 which we will get in a loan at a low 3% interest rate for 30 years. The total cost of the project has been projected to be $1,356,000.00 how can you turn down $800,000.00. If we did not do this now, down the road it would have cost you and me the full $1,356,000.00. All the improvements are within our current town limits and need to be done. If you have any questions you can still either email me, comment on this page, or call me the old fashion way by telephone. I will do my best to answer your questions.

Monday, April 18, 2011



Clarksville Water System Study
n Completed March 2010
• Approved by VDH July 2010
n Identified Ten Projects
Ø Bottleneck on Highway 15 South...........$375,000
Ø Willow Drive and Crescent Drive……….$49,000
Ø Pine Valley Road…………………………$94,000
Ø Market Street……………………………...$155,000
> Shopping Center Loop…………………...$102,000
Ø Ferry Street………………………………..$206,000
Ø Virginia Avenue……………………………$293,000
Ø 1-inch Buffalo Road Meter……………….$2,000
Ø Flow meter and pressure gauges at RT15 Pump Station…………………………………………$30,000
Ø Master meter on finished waterline at WTP.$50,000
 Total Project Cost…………………$1,356,000
n Town submitted application for funding to VDH
n Received Initial Offer Letter on November 18, 2010
n $542,574 loan, 3% interest, 30 year term
n $813,861 as principal forgiveness (grant)
• Upon Council's approval, design can begin
• Bid Package Ready to Advertise by November 2011
n Take Bids Mid-December
n Close on Loan in January 2012
• Construction Start February 2012
• Construction Finish July 1, 2012
n Loan Payments Begin January 2013

Saturday, April 16, 2011


1. Website
The website development is proceeding. We are still working to resolve some issues related to management of the domain name.
2. Library Expansion
I will be working with library staff and volunteers on devising a funding strategy to cover the expense of expanding the existing library facility to include the vacant building formerly occupied by Dr. Brown.
3. Wine Festival
This Chamber event went well this past Saturday despite less than ideal weather. It is drawing out-of-town visitors who enjoy shopping and dining while they are in Town.
4. County Economic Development Strategic Planning
The County's office of Economic Development has completed a draft of their strategic plan.
5. Kinderton Technology Campus
The County is proceeding with applying for project money to pay for upgrades to the Town's sewer system to support this project. The purpose of the project is to develop another site that will be attractive to data intensive companies.
6. Fine Arts Center
As we discussed at the Workshop, the Clarksville Community Players would like the Town to consider entering into a formal lease arrangement with them for the FAC. A lease will allow them to pursue certain grant sources that they are unable to obtain without a formal agreement. In order to discuss the proposed lease in more detail, 1 recommend that Council hold a Special Meeting with representatives from the CCP before the Budget Workshop on May 10.
7. Surplus Equipment
Town Operations Director Elliott has been successful in placing some of our surplus equipment on the website. This site has a good track record for allowing localities to maximize the sale of surplus equipment.
8. Line of Duty Act
In order to comply with the State's mandate that local governments fund the Line of Duty Act program, Council will need to adopt a resolution and rescind the current Line of Duty ordinance. These items will be on next month's agenda.


Council Workshop Minutes
Tuesday, April 5, 2011
7:30 p.m. Town Hall
Council Present: Connie Torres, Carolyn Hite, Bill Nunn, Harold Yuille, Glenn Jurczyk, Christopher Clarke
Staff Present: Melinda Moran
Connie opened the meeting in Kevin's absence and welcomed everyone.
1. Budget (Connie Torres, Christopher Clarke)
Melinda reported that the Budget preparation has gone smoothly so far, and the focus was on looking for additional cuts for both the General and Water Funds. An expenditure to cover the Line of Duty expense as mandated by the General Assembly will have to be included, and Council will have to choose to pay VRS, self-insure, or buy coverage through VMLIP.
2. Buildings and Grounds (Christopher Clarke, Glenn Jurczyk)
New Police Department – Melinda reported that in order to avoid the expense of hiring an architect/engineer, the town could do minimal update to the former YMCA building, including new flooring and paint; and that office areas could be created by moveable partitions. Glenn advised that the handicap ramp should be extended towards the parking lot that will be created where the playground is located rather than towards the front of the building. Melinda commented that an evidence storage area will need to be created in the basement, but added that the procedure for handling evidence is as critical as the specifics of the storage area.
Fine Arts Center – The CCP have asked Council to consider entering into a lease that will allow the CCP to pursue additional grant opportunities to fund a renovation of the FAC. Melinda commented that the lease will formalize the arrangement and agreements that have been in place for many years. Glenn commented that he met with Barry Roberts from the CCP to discuss the proposed language for a lease, and that the written request he provided Council at the Regular meeting last month was an overview of the terms of the lease. Carolyn commented that the lease should be developed by the lessor rather than the lessee. Melinda suggested that the Council hold a Special Meeting to discuss the proposed lease with the CCP.
The Housing Rehabilitation grant paperwork is ongoing and is being handled between Town Hall and the PDC. Glenn commented that much of it is just bureaucratic red tape.
3. Personnel (Carolyn Hite, Connie Torres)
Melinda updated Council on the merger of Town operations into one department, and commented that the staff has been receptive and cooperative.

The Personnel Committee will meet next week to review salaries for the proposed budget.
4. Streets & Sidewalks (Bill Nunn, Glenn Jurczyk)
Melinda reported that the Town received a low bid of just under $6000 from Herbert Ramsey on the patching. The low bid to resurface Adams St. and Willow Dr. was from Lanco at a cost of $22,100. Bill commented that these streets have been in need of attention for some time now, and these bids were reasonable and in accordance with VDOT specifications. Council will need to make an appropriation from contingency and the CD at the meeting this month in order to proceed.
5. Utility Committee (Harold Yuille, Bill Nunn)
VDH Grant — Engineers from Wiley & Wilson will attend the Regular meeting this month to provide an update on our waterline improvement project.
Kinderton Technology Campus — The County would like the Town to provide utilities to serve this project, and they are willing to fund the upgrade of the 15/58 pump station and the force main on 15 and install the line to the project. The engineer's estimate for this is $827,600. Melinda added that she is working with the PDC to see if this can be counted as match for the Rural Development grant.
6. Recreation (Harold Yuille, Carolyn Hite)
Melinda commented that Dixie Youth Opening Ceremonies are on Saturday afternoon, and that there is a large group of children participating in their programs this year. The Dixie Youth Board has informally asked the Town to consider buying one of the available sign spaces on the outfield fence.
A. Website — Michael Jancart is making progress with the Town's site. He did a very nice job on the CLIC website.
B. Fire Department — Rural Development is providing a $25.000 grant towards the $388.714 cost for the fire truck. This leaves $182,214 to finance. The Fire Department will provide an additional $12,500 since the grant amount changed from the $50,000 that Rural Development originally thought would be available. The Town renewed the interim loan since Rural Development is still processing their paperwork. The Fire Department will pay half of the interest expense for the interim loan.
C. Virginia Citizen Planner — This is a new program through VA Cooperative Extension and Plan Virginia called VCP101. Glenn, appointed as the Region 7 Director for Plan Virginia, explained the benefits of the program to the Council and the Planning Commission and added that the fee is $99 per person, and that special planner training opportunities are available to communities where participants register as a

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Below you will find the meeting schedule for the next years budget. I urge all of the community to send your input in that you would think that would be helpful or that you would like to recommend to the committee.


Monday, February 28, 2011 Budget Overview 7:00 PM
Tuesday, March 8, 2011 General Fund 6:30 PM
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Public Input Session 7:30 PM
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 . (Ricky-PD). . . General Fund 6:30 PM
Monday, March 21, 2011. . (Richard) . . . . General/Water Fund 6:30 PM
Monday, March 28, 2011 General/Water Fund 6:30 PM
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Water Fund 6:30 PM
Monday, April 4, 2011 Water Fund 6:30 PM
Monday, April 11, 2011 Personnel 6:30 PM
Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Budget Finalized 6:30 PM
Monday, April 18, 2011 Budget Finalized 6:30 PM
TBA, if needed Budget Finalized 6:30 PM
April 18 - May 2, 2011 Budget Preparation
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Budget Workshop 7:30 PM
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Public Hearing for Budget 7:30 PM
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Budget-Council Adopt 7:30 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011


Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Report Dated Friday, March 11, 2011
Agenda Item #10: Unfinished Business
A. Fire Department Request — Chief Johnny Shriver asked Council for permission to utilize the old pumper truck as a brush/tanker unit as the resale value was less than anticipated. The Fire Department feels that using the truck in this manner will provide additional fire fighting capability, and while this truck did not meet safety standards as a pumper, it would for the proposed use. As discussed in the Workshop, the grant from Rural Development for purchase of the new pumper truck is going to be $25,000 rather than $50,000, so the Department will need to provide an additional $12,500 in keeping with the agreement to split the purchase price between the Town and the Department. It appears that the old pumper truck has more value as brush/tanker truck than it does for resale, so I recommend that Council give permission for the Department to use the truck in this manner.
B. Library Expansion — As discussed in the Workshop, the Town Council has not voted on making the former Dr. Brown building available to the library for expansion. As you recall from the presentation the made in November, the library staff and volunteers are very enthusiastic about this project. The Town's contribution would be to make the vacant building available at no cost to the library, and then to budget for the increased utility costs of having a larger building. I recommend that Council approve this request, and I will be happy to work with the library staff on any funding applications.
Agenda Item #11: New Business
A. Public Input for FY11/12 Budget—The public is invited to make proposals or recommendations for the preparation of the new budget.
B. EDA — Mayor Allgood will present a Resolution to Mary Fran Lewis thanking her for her service to the EDA and the Town. The EDA members are planning to attend along with Mary Fran, and will make a recommendation to Council for filling the vacancy created by her resignation.
C. Planning Commission Recommendation - The Planning Commission will make a recommendation on a Special Use Permit from Karin Kuhn to place an off-premises sign on the space available on the wall by Wachovia.
D. Personnel — Mayor Allgood will outline the recent changes enacted to streamline Town Operations and reduce personnel costs. The most significant change is that we are combining the Public Works and Public Utilities Departments in to one Town Operations Department headed by Richard Elliott. This allows us to cut one full-time department

head position from the budget. E.C. Williamson will take on additional duties running the Water Plant, and Walter Terry will have additional supervisory duties with the Sanitation and Grounds crew. Also, Carol Elliott will divide her time between the Police Department and Town Hall to provide administrative support in both locations for the remainder of this fiscal year.


1. Website
Work is underway on the new website, and I hope to have it operational by early next month.
2. Grant Opportunity
I have submitted an application for Clarksville to participate in the Pathfinder's program conducted by the Virginia Community Capital Inc. organization. This is a grant program designed to expand local capacity for community development.
CLIC will hold their next Symposium on April 28 at the Community Center. Please mark this date on your calendars and plan to attend. This Symposium will focus on water quality issues and lake levels.
Staff from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership visited Clarksville last month as part of a county economic development strategic planning process. The VEDP commented that we have done a good job getting our infrastructure and sites in place, and that we are an attractive location for prospective businesses.
5. Kinderton Technology Campus
The County has asked the Town to provide utilities to serve this project. I would like to meet with the Utility Committee to discuss this request.
6. Fine Arts Center
The Clarksville Community Players would like the Town to consider entering into a formal lease arrangement with them for the FAC. A lease will allow them to pursue certain grant sources that they are unable to obtain without a formal agreement. I would like to discuss this request at the Workshop meeting next month.
7. Surplus Equipment
The remaining surplus equipment and the old Burlington garbage truck will be placed for auction on the website. This site has a good track record for allowing localities to maximize the sale of surplus equipment.
Note —I am attending the National League of Cities Conference in Washington, D.C. Friday through Wednesday so I will not be at the Council Meeting. This Conference is focused on economic growth, and is designed to provide opportunities for cities and towns from across the country to lobby Congress for local government funding.


Council Workshop Minutes
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
7:30 p.m. Town Hall
Council Present: Carolyn Hite, Bill Nunn, Harold Yuille, Christopher Clarke, Kevin Allgood
Staff Present: Melinda Moran
Kevin opened the meeting, welcomed everyone, and apologized for his absence last month due to his father's surgery in Richmond.
1. Budget (Connie Torres, Christopher Clarke
Melinda reported that the budget preparation is officially underway, and that a syllabus for Budget Committee meetings would be available later in the week. Carolyn asked how it was going so far and Chris indicated that we were off to a good start.
2. Buildings and Grounds (Christopher Clarke, Glenn Jurczyk)
Melinda reported that Chief Wilkinson is working on some preliminary specs for the new Police Dept building, and that the YMCA has indicated their agreement to allow the PD to use the playground area for a gravel parking lot with the understanding that the Town will remove and dispose of the playground equipment. Carolyn inquired whether any of the equipment could be used by a church. Melinda replied that the equipment belonged to the Y and was not up to current safety standards.
Melinda commented that the Housing Rehabilitation grant paperwork is being handled between Town Hall and the PDC, and that the project will proceed once DHCD approves the first phase and releases the grant funds.
Melinda commented that Glenn has spent much time and effort inspecting the Community Center after each use, and that his input has been helpful in addressing maintenance issues.
3. Personnel (Carolyn Hite, Connie Torres)
Melinda reported that as of this week, Richard Elliott is the Department Head for Public Utilities and Works. This effectively merges the two departments, and Richard will be in charge of all the staff that in both areas. Walter Terry will directly supervise the Sanitation, Line Maintenance, and Grounds crews. E.C. Williamson will assume additional Operator duties at the Water Plant. Carol Elliott will be providing administrative assistance in the Town Hall part time and continue with her administrative duties in the Police Department. These personnel changes will streamline Town operations and reduce personnel costs.

Progress has been made on incorporating leave schedules into the draft personnel manual.
4. Streets & Sidewalks (Bill Nunn, Glenn Jurczyk)
Melinda reported that since the Town only received one pavement patching bid in our first solicitation, staff would seek additional bids.
5. Utility Committee (Harold Yuille, Bill Nunn)
Melinda reported that Richard is reviewing options for the purchase of some of Clarence Moore's equipment as previously discussed. It appears that the ice machine at the Shop is fairly priced at $1000.00. He feels that a Termite would be more useful to the Town than the Trencher that Clarence owned.
6. Recreation (Harold Yuille, Carolyn Hite)
A. Website – Michael Jancart with Stand Still Designs will be developing a new Town website for a cost not to exceed $1500.00.
B. Fire Department – Rural Development is providing a $25,000 grant towards the fire truck. There is $222, 600 to finance after the contribution made by the Fire Department. This grant is lower than the $50,000 to $100.000 grant that Rural Development had indicated might be available. In keeping with the agreement to split the cost of the truck 50/50, the Fire Department will need to contribute another $12,250 towards the truck.
C. Sale of Surplus Equipment – Of the 11 items up for bid, the Town received acceptable bids on 4 items and will submit the remaining 7 for sale on the Gov.Bids website. If the Town does not obtain acceptable bids, we will get salvage values. The Town will also put the Burlington surplus front-loading garbage truck up for auction on the website.
D. Library Expansion – Carolyn suggested that the library's request to expand into the former Dr. Brown building be an agenda item at this month's Regular Meeting so that Council can vote on using the building for this purpose.
E. Utility Service for Kinderton Technology Campus – Bill asked about the status of providing utilities for this project. He commented that the bid request included making connection to the Town's water and wastewater systems. Melinda responded that the County has not yet made a request for Town utilities, but that a meeting had been requested by the County for later in the week.
F. Annexation – Chris asked how this effort was progressing, and Melinda replied that she had submitted all the documentation requested to date by our Attorney for the Commission on Local Government.
G. Marina Building – Carolyn asked about the status of the new building for the Clarksville Marina. Melinda replied that she would check with the COE.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I have included the Town Council Meeting Agenda this month, you might ask why. As you read down the agenda you will see were we will honor the late and missed C. Moore for his years of service.His family has been invited to attend, so I ask that everyone who can, to please help and make them feel welcome. On a lighter note I would like to thank the Town Crews for there responds to the major water leak Sunday 02/13/11. I stopped by to see what all the activity was and learned that a 6" water main broke in front of the Church. Within minutes the whole crew it seemed was on the spot doing what they had to. I thank them for that. I know you will say it's there job, and you would be right but they also did not have to answer there phones when the call was made. Who knows what the cost of that repair will be. This is why we need to take the WATER GRANT. It might cost us a little more on our water bill or tax's but it needs to be done. The Council needs to find away to pay for this. I do not know, maybe we will be forced to raise our rate for water to get it, but we might be able to lower our tax rate to offset the water rate increase, if we are forced to do that. The Council needs to stop talking about table and chairs and start getting down to business of running this Town